This summer Eva Høffding facilitates a nine day retreat of meditation, healing, spiritual operations and channelings at Ignatius Healing and Retreat, an interspiritual retreat center located in the beautiful surroundings in the heartchakra of Jutland, Denmark.

There will be healing from Spirit Enteties in the Divine Dimension. During the retreat, Eva Høffding will be teaching and channeling St. Ignatius and other spiritual helpers, to guide you in your spiritual process towards physical, mental and spiritual healing. On the third module we will be working with an Ignatian spiritual approach inspired from Ignatius' Spiritual Exersices.

You can benefit from the retreat if you:

- Wish to deepen you spiritual process.
- Wish to develop your skills as a Healer or Medium.
- If you have a physical disorder.
- If you have emotional pain, grief or trauma.
- If you wish to become a better spiritual teacher.
- If you wish to deepen your contact to your purpose in life.

The healing processes are going deep, so the days are divided into three modules, 3 days on each module.

The first module consists of channelings and teachings for each person and for the group with Eva Høffding. We will be sitting in healing meditations (currents) and prayer in the morning and in the afternoon. There will be time each day to share and to focus on personal and spiritual themes during the day. It will also be possible to have spiritual surgery for those who needs that. Ignatius will provide guidance on this through Eva.

The second module offers an opportunity of integration, relaxation after the first module. During the 2. relaxing module you can do meditative walks, a trip to the sea, evening talks around the bon fire, and take part in a meditative concert with Robert Skovmose Christensen playing singing bowls and gongs on the 20th of August - read more about the concert at

In the 3. module we will be more silent and contemplative, as we will approach an Ignatian spiritual way of deepening, inspired by The Ignatius Spiritual Exercises. But there vill be an opportunity every day to talk about the personal and spiritual experiences and reflections and receive feedback on these.

The nine days is a profound spiritual process of healing with the loving help from the Divine Dimension at the beautiful country side of Jutland.

The retreat is taught in English.

The retreat includes:
Nine days of accomodation at Ignatius Healing and Retreat.
Nine days with a meal in the evening (vegetarian and ecological).

What you have to bring:                                                                                                        Please bring a Bible.
You will have to make your own breakfast all nine days. Please bring your own beddings and towels (otherwise, they can be rented for a fee of dkr. 150,-).

About Eva Høffding
Eva Høffding was born in 1953 and has, since 1977, worked with people using a broad spectrum of physical and emotional challenges based on depth-psychology. Her method is based on a holistic understanding of energy and consciousness, as well as the connection between body, mind and spirit. Since 1992, Eva has taught personal development and contemplation, healing, massage and meditation in Denmark and abroad, in private and in public settings.

Bob Moore, the Irish healer who founded the Psychic Centre in Ringkøbing, Denmark, was one of Eva’s main teachers from 1977 to his death in 2008. Bob Moore’s healing work is based on his great his knowledge of the energetic body and the emotional processes that can block a healthy circulation of love between heart and mind, both in relation to one self and in relation to others.

In 2005, Eva visited the Casa De Dom Ignácio (the Casa) in Brazil, and after her second visit at the Casa, in 2006, Eva gained direct spiritual contact to Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Ignatius introduced Eva to a clear and unambiguous surrender to the power of love and its transforming ability, and she learnt to understand the necessity of being able to open up in order to surrender to the energy of love. This has lead to a deep healing process for Eva personally and for the people that take part in the activities at the Ignatius Healing and Retreat.

Eva has received The Thirty Days Retreat with Ignatius Spiritual Exercises at St Beuno's in Wales.

Eva is also a qualified therapist, working with massage, post-traumatic stress, gestalt therapy and body consciousness. She has also worked with pain and stress relief in seriously ill and dying patients and their relatives (under the auspices of hospitals and the Danish Cancer Society), as well as with stressed out and burnt out individuals at the health resort Øster Løkke.


Denne retræte foregår på engelsk.

Du kan have glæde af healingsdagene, hvis du:

- Hvis du ønsker at fordybe dig i din spirituelle proces.                                                  
- Hvis du ønsker at udvikle dine evner som healer eller som medium.
- Hvis du har en fysisk lidelse.
- Hvis du har følelsesmæssig smerte, sorg eller traume.
- Hvis du ønsker at blive en bedre spirituel lærer.
- Hvis du ønsker en bedre kontakt til dit livsformål eller retning.

Tre moduler   
Dagene er delt op i tre 3 dages moduler, da processerne kan gå meget dybt og være præget af dyb intensitet.

På 1. modul vil Eva Høffding kanalisere vejldning og kommentarer fra Ignatius og andre Åndelige Hjælpere til de enkelte deltagere og til gruppen som helhed. Desuden vil vi sidde i healingsmeditationer og bøn to gange om dagen.                                                         Undervejs vil der også være mulighed for at få usynlig operation. Ignatius vil vejlede omkring dette.

2. modul består af tre mellemdage med egentid til at integrere og fordøje 1.modul. Der vil mulighed for frit at vælge at deltage i bl.a. en meditationskoncert med syngeskåle og gongs ved Robert Skovmose Christensen (20. august). Desuden vil der være mulighed for dejligt samvær i gruppen og ture til stranden, bål om aftenen. Læs mere om koncerten på:                                               

3. modul vil indeholde kontemplative dage i stilhed med inspiration fra Ignatius' Spirituelle Øvelser. Dog vil der dagligt være mulighed for at tale sammen om -og få feedback på de personlige og spirituelle oplevelser samt de reflektioner, der dukker op i den enkelte.